electricians looking at blueprints

This One's for the Contractors

It’s no secret that finding a qualified electrical contractor can be challenging. But what are some of the skills that make an electrical contractor successful? We’ve created a short list so you can see where your strengths lie now, and what skills you may need to work on to make sure your business is always at the top of the list when it’s time to make the call.

  1. Technical skill - Without a doubt technical skill and education are the top requirements for electrical contractors. You’ll need these to become a licensed contractor in the first place. You’ll need to keep up on your technical skills to remain competitive in a world that’s always coming up with new products and systems. Your local union can help you stay on track and up to date on the latest skills.

  2. Critical thinking - This may seem like a no-brainer, but it’s crucial for electrical contractors. That’s because no matter what you’ve learned, you will always find yourself faced with surprises out in the field. Your ability to clearly understand the issues to find a reasonable solution is paramount to your success.

  3. Communication skills - You might think the electrical contractor’s job is all about wiring, but the truth is the majority of your job function includes communicating ideas, to your customers and to your team. Ensuring clarity and conveying information correctly is crucial.

  4. Time management skills - Attention to the finer details and to staying on track during electrical installation and maintenance projects is a big deal. Those who can effectively manage their time will find themselves in the enviable position of leaving plenty of happy customers in their wake.

  5. Service culture - The electrical contractor’s job is focused on installation and maintenance, with a sharp eye towards service. This means not only quickly and affordably performing installations and troubleshooting electrical challenges, but also continually finding new ways to improve the experience for your customers.

These are the Top 5 skills, but there are plenty of others that can bring you continued success. What skills are at the top of your list?